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Another way to figure out how many protein shakes you should optimally drink a day is to figure out your protein requirement based upon your BMI Body Mass Index. Por favor me diga como perdeu 10kg em uma semana?? How you incorporate them into your daily menu will depend on how flexible you want your diet to be. O produto combina nutrientes ativos naturais, vitaminas, minerais e proteínas que beneficiam o equilíbrio orgânico, resultando em uma pele mais bonita, resistente e hidratada. Product Type Beverage Food Juice. Protein shakes in the morning are a great way to stabilize your blood sugar and as an effective meal replacement shake on the go. Ola Dayana eu subistitui a sopa de repolho pelo arroz e feijao e o resultado é muito bom!

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Diet Shake Crocante - 400g - Nutrilatina

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Coco E Abacaxi Com Chocolate 1. Diet Baunilha G 1. Diet Chocolate 40 G 1. Diet Morango G 1. Frutas Vermelhas Com Chocolate 1. Morango G 1. Morango Com Iogurte 2. Nutrilatina - G 3. Nutrilatina - Baunilha 1. Nutrilatina - Chocolate 2. Nutrilatina - Chocolate Branco 1. Nutrilatina - Chocolate Branco Com Nutrilatina - Coco 1. Nutrilatina - Morango 2. Nutrilatina - Tutti-frutti 1. Shake B Morango 60 G X 10 1.

Shake Diet Baunilha G 1. Shake Diet Chocolate G 1. Shake Diet Morango G 1. Shake Sabor Mamao Papaia G 1.

Vitamina De Fibras E Frutas 1. Menor Preço Maior Preço Produto. Diet Shake g Nutrilatina. Diet Shake g Chocolate Nutrilatina. Diet Shake g Morango Nutrilatina. Thermo Shake Diet Baunilha Probiotica. Thermo Shake Diet Chocolate Probiotica. Here are just a few of them:. You won't find aspartame, MSG, artificial colourings or genetically modified ingredients in any of our delicious diet shakes.

Each of our diet protein shakes provides Banana Shake kcal More info. Chocolate Shake kcal More info. Berry Smoothie kcal More info. Mango Smoothie kcal More info. Banoffee Shake kcal More info.

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Lemon Meringue Shake kcal More info. The cheapest way to buy a bundle of your favourite shakes is to purchase one of our meal hampers. When you click on the order button below, you will have the option to choose from our full range of products. If you only want shakes simply fill your hamper with the shake flavours of your choice.