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Jaxon says May 22, Hey Alex, I just wanted to know a couple of things. Eric and I both present reasonable arguments and evidence in support of our positions, but we come to different conclusions. Danish says September 19, Sorry Bruh, 6 Days a week is good??? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis". You can learn more about what each container on the 21 Day Fix is equal to here. Products for analysis can be submitted to this address.

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Of the three types of silver on the market, true silver colloids have the highest particle surface area relative to the total silver content. The ratio of particle surface area to total silver content indicates how efficiently the colloid is able to produce particle surface area which determines effectiveness. Higher conversion efficiencies are more desirable. The nanometer-sized particles in true silver colloids remain in colloidal suspension without requiring protein or other additives.

It is the mutual repulsion of the particles created by the zeta potential charge that keeps the particles uniformly distributed in the colloid. Because of the high concentration of silver particles, true silver colloids are never clear like water. True colloidal silver with a sufficient concentration of particles does not look like water because silver particles -- even very small particles -- block light from passing through, making the liquid appear darker. Due to the very low concentration of ionic silver and small particle size, true silver colloids do not cause argyria , a condition that causes the skin to turn blue-gray.

Click here for a partial list of true silver colloid products by brand name. Below you will find two tables comparing colloidal silver products. A couple of notes before you begin:. The effectiveness of a colloid is predicated on particle surface area , therefore particle surface area is the single most important metric for comparing colloidal products. The Comparison Table below provides a detailed comparative analysis of products based on the particle surface area.

In the booklet "Silver Colloids" Professor Ronald Gibbs wrote " The size of the particles in the colloidal silver suspensions we use for health purposes is very important. Particle size controls the surface area and therefore the effectiveness of the colloidal silver suspension.

In this context, effectiveness is defined as the ability of the colloid to interact with its environment , just as in the world of chemistry, where surface area determines how well substances react with one another. For a more complete discussion of the rationale for comparing colloidal silver products using particle surface areaas a single valued metric see: Comparing Colloidal Silver Products. Effectiveness of a colloid is determined by the particle surface area making it the single most important metric for comparing colloids.

This table is presented in ascending order of particle surface area column 2 to provide an easy means for direct comparison among the various properties associated with particle surface area. Data from the product reports is compiled into a table so the reader can compare products based on costs and particle surface area. These are the colloidal silver products listed in the Product Reports.

Click on the product name in the table below for the complete lab analysis. In the table below, Column 2 Particle Surface Area provides the best means for a direct comparison of the various products. Column 3 Effective surface area per unit of concentration. This value relates how efficiently surface area is generated per unit of concentration ppm. The values are normalized. Product Name Click on product name for complete lab analysis report. Higher values are better.

Lower values are better. Normalized value is calculated by dividing the largest column 2 value Percent of Metal Content Table. In the table below, the Metal Content indicates the accuracy of product labeling. A value of percent means the label accurately describes the metal content of the product. Values near zero indicate that the product contains very little or none of the metal content indicated on the label.

Values that are significantly above or below highlighted in red indicate the manufacturers inability to adequately control the concentration ppm of the product. This could be the result of poor quality control or the lack of capability to measure concentration.

It seems clear that some companies are not properly measuring the silver concentration in their products. There is a common misconception that silver concentration can be determined by measuring the electrical conductivity. This erroneous belief is fostered by the companies that sell "colloidal silver" generators to the home hobbyists and also sell TDS Total Dissolved Solids meters that they claim can be calibrated to measure ionic silver content.

TDS meters measure the electrical conductivity of the solution, not silver content. Any substance that increases the electrical conductivity will cause the TDS meter reading to increase. This may or may not have anything to do with the ionic silver concentration. The products shown above that contain little or no silver all have electrical conductivity values that indicate the presence of water soluble salts that would increase the TDS reading without silver being present.

We speculate that these companies are relying on such measurements in an attempt to determine the silver content. Electrical conductivity cannot be used to determine silver concentration. See Determining Properties for technical details about how the laboratory analysis is performed by CSL. Potentially dangerous ionic silver products - those containing nitric acid! Ionic silver products which have a low silver concentration while at the same time have high electrical conductivity will generally have a low pH value acidic.

These products will quite often be found to have a high nitrate NO3 concentration as well. This unique set of properties generally indicates that the process used to produce the product involves arcing a high voltage AC current through the air to the surface of the water.

This method is considered bogus in the extreme and produces a product that may contain significant amounts of nitric acid and is therefore potentially very dangerous to ingest. This ill advised process was developed experimentally in the early days of colloidal silver research and was adopted by some manufacturers who apparently did not have the requisite knowledge to understand that they were making nitric acid.

Unfortunately, this method is still in use today by some producers who refuse to acknowledge that they are producing a potentially dangerous product. When the total silver concentration ppm reported on the lab analysis page indicates a value that is far below the value on the product label, carefully read the lab analysis and look for the following:. At the moment, not all lab analysis pages have nitrate test values shown. We plan to perform the nitrate tests on products that have positive indication for items 1 to 3 above.

The nitrate test results will be added to lab analysis pages when they are completed. Each manufacturer whose product appears in the tables and reports on this web site has been notified by e-mail and provided with a link to the detailed laboratory analysis of their product.

At time of notification the producer may dispute the findings of our laboratory with regard to the determination of the measured values. The lab personnel are more than willing to discuss the results of our analysis should any company whose products are reported here choose to take issue with our laboratory procedures, suitability of equipment used, calibration standards, or experience of the laboratory staff.

Not a single lab analysis has been disputed as of this date. Not a single lab analysis has been disputed as of this date, and manufacturers cannot claim ignorance about the contents of the products they are selling.

The sale of these mislabeled products is clearly a violation of the state consumer protection laws as well as a violation of the Federal Trade Commission regulations. If you have purchased one of these products, you might want to consider filing a complaint with the consumer protection department of the state where the manufacturer is located.

You also might want to consider sending an e-mail to the producer and ask them why they continue to sell a product whose label misrepresents the contents of the bottle. Donate a product for testing - Products that are commercially produced and sold to the public may be donated by for testing; the test results will be published on this site. Products donated for lab analysis and inclusion in our reports must be in a new factory sealed bottle to avoid the possibility of contamination.

The scientists at the Colloidal Science Laboratory, Inc. The lab analysis is done on a time available basis by laboratory personnel. Products submitted for analysis will not be returned. Products for analysis can be submitted to this address. Individuals wishing to contribute to the site, please contact us through the contact us page above. How To Test for Ionic Silver To figure out whether a solution is ionic silver, you only need add chloride ions.

The difference between silver ions and silver particles boils down to the fact that silver ions combine with chloride ions to form silver chloride and silver particles do not. Silver Wings ppm. Kelly Colloidal Silver Click on product name for complete lab analysis report. High Energy Lab CS 15 ppm. Ultra Pure Colloidal Silver Silver Wain Water 3. Tri Silver Colloidal Silver Super Silver Solution 10 ppm.

Healing Ways ppm. Atom Silver ppm. Nano-2 Silver ppm. Earthborn Products - Colloidal Silver ppm. Ultra Pure Colloidal Silver 35 ppm. Survival Enterprises Silver Water 3 ppm. Silver Lightning Tonic Water 5 ppm. Tri Silver Colloidal Silver 10 ppm. Sovereign Silver 10 ppm. ASAP Solution 22 ppm. Fatty acids are bound to help increase your energy levels throughout the day.

Fats stored in the tissues are more reliable molecules to burn energy than carbohydrates. The problem is that the body would rather take the glucose route because it is easier to process into energy.

When fats are burnt as fuel they can leave us in a more satiated and satisfying state. This helps normalize and control our hunger. One of the culprits that lead to type II Diabetes is insulin resistance.

There is an abundance of information that says that a ketogenic diet can help normalize insulin levels to healthy ranges. Eating omega 3 fatty acids in this regard has proven to highly beneficial.

One major drawback that we noticed customers complain about is the price of embarking on the program. Those with type 1 diabetes, kidney disease, or liver disease, are advised to steer clear of the ideal protein meal. Some side effects may include:. Ideal Protein is a complete diet plan. There are dieters who report losing weight on the program, and the company has been around for quite some time. Both are essential with any weight management plan. However, there are alternative you can add to your existing weight management, beside Ideal Protein.

One of the products we like the most is Burn TS. The formula contains four clinically-tested ingredients, that have been shown to promote weight-loss by accelerating metabolism and igniting fat loss.

Choosing the right weight-loss system can be confusing and often times frustrating. Let us know a little more about you and your goals. My IdealProtein is a login page where you can receive relevant advice and options relating to your plan. You can also sign-in and take your IdealProtein coach with you. Choosing the right product is the 1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers.

We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn TS, with scientifically backed ingredients.

When you sign up for the Ideal Protein program, you get a personalized plan to meet your needs and preferences. Each plan is different for this reason. Ideal Protein can be purchased using their Official Site or through Amazon.

Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with professionals in the weight loss industry and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. Do Not Send Email Notifications. Also great that you are incorporating reg. First 8 weeks lost 40 lbs. Never hungry, always feel great!! The diet was extremely tough the first 3 weeks, much much easier now.

This diet has changed my life and I reccomend it to anyone. Just keep the willpower to stay on it and you will see amazing results! I am starting this program on Wed. Do you have to use their foods? I am pretty knowledgable on protein vs. I would rather use my own food and save the money. Bothell Chiropractic is where I go. I have lost 15 lbs in 5 weeks and have 5 lbs to go. I am 62 and look and feel really good, although I am hungry all the time. I have decided to stick it out.

So Susan, howdid you find a doc. I livein Spokand Wa. I would like to start this diet soon So pleaseget back to me…karen. Hi amy, I was just reading about the ideal protein diet and saw your message.

I know it was two years ago,but I live in Washington too and just wondered how you did on it and if you were able to stick to it. I really want to try but boy it seems hard to eat lettuce twice a day, I am afriad Ill get tired of it real quick.

I went to a dr office on Wed and it costs and then about 90 a week. I was just curious how you did on this diet. I am from Washington state as well! I am on day 3 so far I am loving it and have seen people I know change there bodies in such little time!

I have been a little tired in the evenings.. But my coach said that by day 4 I would be worn.. To get done rest n your body will bounce back n it will have more energy! I love this diet! Almost 5lbs down in 3 days for me!!! You need 3 packets a day on face 1 , later you need less packets per day. I am seeing amazing results with my nurse friends, some lost 75lbs, some 65lbs and a few in the lbs range, I lost 35lbs.

The doctor said this is the only diet with over 30 years in medical practice that works. I think that says volumes. My doctor says the same thing. I am on my second day and not doing too bad. Like the food more than I thought I would. I am on it not only to loose weight, but to try to keep sugar under control. I am a diabetic typeII and he is a heart patient heart attack 2 years ago. Both our doctors are anxious for us to lose weight, and this diet looks right for both of us.

Wish us luck — I will check in in a couple of weeks! My blood sugar was the last time I saw my doctorin January. One week after starting the diet my blood sugar went down to A week later Certain cardiac patients cannot.

I had controlled my diabetes type 2 for 19 years with vegetarian diet and exercise but the morning numbers were creeping up. This diet lowered my morning number from to the first day and then a rapid decrease to now average or lower in the morning. Plus it stays around 95 all day. Also, I walk a few miles a day and before my blood sugar could go down 60 points, now it is staying stable. No more extreme highs and lows. Lost 11 pounds in 2 weeks. It is based on BMI so we will see how it goes. Hopefully another 30 pounds to be complete.

But to not have the diabetes dragon chasing my tail is wonderful. I would rather pay for the foods than drugs to control it. Also, my blood pressure meds had to be cut in half and will probably be eliminated soon. I am just wondering about the effects of the Ideal Protein products containing Sucralose, which is an artificial sweetener?? Is it acceptable to use in short term doses like this program?

I have a high sensitivity to the artifical sweetners and I must say I am not having any problems, I have been on this program for 4 weeks now and have lost In comparison to all of the chemicals and toxins we take in with processed foods, this is minimal.

Also, remember that this is a temporary diet change and that clients are taught to eat for life without the products. Love the Ideal Protein diet! There is plenty of variety on this diet and they have a good maintenance program. There are 4 phases of the diet where they slowly wean you off of their product to eat real food. Once you have reached your goal and maintained your weight loss, you will know about food combining to ensure you keep off the weight. You will be eating a bigger meal at breakfast, smaller for lunch and even smaller for dinner.

One day a week you can eat whatever you want—anything. That way of eating is something I can live with long term. I have been on this diet for 10 days now. I live in Cajun country, where food was created. Just like the consultant told me, it would take about 5 to 6 days on this diet to get used to it.

I have lost 15 lbs, need to lose 25 more. After the first 6 days, my appetite was satisfied, my taste buds enjoyed the natural flavors of the foods and I have no sense of depression. The more I read up on this diet, the more I agree with the plan. Good weight loss can be achieved, but you really need to follow the plan. I ate a plane salad for lunch yesterday with only olive oil and sea salt.

I can only tell you, I was able to taste every piece of vegetable in it and am looking forward to my meal today. I expect to be on this plan for 2 to 4 more weeks and then have the consultant wean me to a life long diet that maintains this. One more thing about this diet that I added, I asked the Lord the help me and He has. Thanks for adding that, there is a reason why I read your comment.

I started the diet 6 days ago and have already lost over 5 pounds. Monday I will offically get a weigh in and measure inches lost. Yes the first days were hard, especially day 2 and 3. Now I have my energy back and feel fine and satisfied after meals. One you can be on for months and then never have to diet again. It really teaches how to eat healthy for the rest of your life. Hi Kimberly, I also live in cajun country Baton Rouge where food was created, lol.

I see your post was in January. How much did you have to lose? Have you reached your goal weight? Who better to turn to than the Lord-He cares about every area of our lives!! I am on the diet right now……have tried lots of things on my own…. I have lost 19lbs and 13 total inches in 4weeks on this plan. It is great for me because it stresses not to do heavy exercising the first 3weeks. I recently had hip surgery which i gained alot of weight with and cant do much cardio.

Since it is doctor regulated i feel it is more successful. I am sure there are similar diets and contrary to this post the ingredients etc are clearly posted on the box and the meal plan. Feel free to find a doctor that participates and you will learn alot.

Hey Blaine…How is the weight loss going? Went to a talk tonight….. Did you experience any leg cramping in the very beginning??? I just started IP today and have had some leg cramps for about half the day!? I started on two days ago and woke up with a terrible cramp in my calf this morning! Has been achey for about a half hour.

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