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Fitpro Daily Nutrition-Shake, Vanilla, 11 Ounce (Pack of 12) Protein Drink
If you want a good weight-loss product, this is it. Are they comparable to popular protein powders , or possibly even better? I will take it continuously in the future. References Steve Rittmanic; U. After trying it we did not want to eat for about another 3 hours. You can search our list of online retailers for your favorite RTD protein shake. Met-Rx Collegiate Series Shake.

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Are you getting enough protein and calcium in your diet? Well, we are all about to find out, right now. The Balancing Act Lifetime: Protein is really your friend, when it comes to those macro nutrients. When you compare protein to fat and carbohydrates, protein boosts your metabolism more than those two. Protein really is our friend. Is this truth or myth? And, muscle, on a cellular level, actually burns more calories than any other cell in your body.

So, the more lean muscle tissue you have the more fat you can burn. So, that would be true, then. I got a good price on a box of these and I'm glad I bought them. Very thick and required a lot of chewing.

The flavor is super strong-quite tart for bitter bars, quite sweet for the sugary ones. I only bought mine because they were on sale. Cookies and cream the best.

This literally tastes like something totally unhealthy I had to check the nutritional facts. It tastes so good I'm sure there's something there's a hidden ingredient but it's amazing. It's so soft and chewy and the icing is SO good! I'm definitely buying again. Thanks to a generous promo, I was given a box of homemade pumpkin pie bars and wooow, this stuff is good.

I never considered myself to like protein bars and always preferred shakes but this stuff is delicious. I actually preferred to eat this rather than drink a protein shake after the gym. The texture is just what I expected for a high quality protein bar. With 20g of protein along with no artificial sweeteners this bar is a must have. Can't forget about it being gmo and gluten free! The flavor reminded me a tiny bit of a cinnamon bun which is weird, I know, but it tasted a little like the dough part of a cinnamon bun.

That's how my taste buds tasted it haha. This stuff is great and I'm definitely gonna try a couple of the other flavor in the future. Thanks to cellucor for allowing me to try the delicious bars! Came free with my protein order but they should have just kept it. One must have melted and cooled because it was deformed. Things could break your teeth. Threw them in the trash. I bought the 6pack of these bars. I really liked the lemon bar flavor, it's not too sweet. The Cinn roll flavor had little to no cinnamon flavor, the mint flavor was not tasty to me.

The cookie dough flavor did not resemble cookie dough to me and had a strong aftertaste. I would only recommend the lemon flavor. It was a pleasant FREE surprise, thanks to the current promotions.

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