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Mother, actress Blythe Danner, is not Jewish. With reference to 49 above it would appear that the hypothesis made there is now seen as not being valid. Prior to that time, Jews had just secular Yiddish and sacred Hebrew names. We are now at the point where the Commission is soon to be standing. The numerous karczmas found at nearly every crossroad, seem to have been almost a Jewish monopoly. In my heart, I have a softer spot for some converts than others. Actress Florence Halop was his sister.

Unarmed, Alone, Unafraid

Fragrances by Versace

The grand old synagogue lies at the edge of the large wartime ghetto. Originally built in the 's, this building remains a very majestic structure; it is being restored today with American Jewish funds. There were a number of other smaller synagogues before the war, along with other Jewish institutions, including a hospital, that are now used for other purposes.

In what is now the synagogue's parking lot, ghetto residents had to gather each morning to receive work assignments from their captors. Being assigned to the large Jewish bakery which we also saw; it is in a state of disrepair was considered a good job, as it offered the hope of receiving a piece of bread. Many of the large ghetto's original buildings remain. Before the war, this was the wealthy Jewish neighbourhood. Jewish merchants' stores had lined the main roads, and their homes were built on the second and third floors above the stores.

These buildings are all occupied by the city's gentile residents now. Local historians know well where the ghetto borders fell and which structures had belonged to Jews before the war.

The walkway where 29, Jews had to march as they exited the large ghetto to be sent off to death camps remains intact and is marked by a memorial arch and plaque. Grodno's largest industries are located outside of the old historic town and include chemical products, textiles and electronics. In the downtown area, there are private shops; however, the large department store remains state-owned, as are most of the restaurants. This explains their very sterile atmosphere.

The city's population grew from 25, at the end of the war to , today. Privatization is coming slow to Belarus. Many Belarussians were not particularly happy about the break from Russia in ; some continue to support communism. Belarussians speak both the Belarussian and Russian languages which share a common Cyrillic alphabet but have very different vocabularies interchangeably, and don't prefer one over the other.

They appreciate Russian art and literature. Most are still employed by the state. The population is struggling economically. But they are well educated, dress nicely and are well groomed. The poverty spurred by the Russian economic crisis doesn't appear to suit them well, but they accept their circumstances. This is contrasted to the situation in Ukraine, where we also visited; Ukrainians, particularly in the west, are much more nationalistic, promoting the Ukrainian language and culture, and are much more anti-communist.

The food is the same throughout Belarus particularly since the restaurants are almost all owned by the state: Restaurants are nearly empty. Belarussians cannot afford to eat out. The hotels are of substandard quality for Americans; public restrooms are horrendous. Our primary guide in Belarus was a Jewish woman about my age: Her enthusiasm and knowledge made our trip to this depressed country not only interesting and worthwhile, but also exciting.

Her English, learned entirely in Belarus, was outstanding. She was assisted in Grodno by a local licensed tour guide, Rosa, who did not speak English; Galina translated wonderfully.

After touring Grodno, we had a dinner experience worth noting. We took Galina, Rosa and Pasha, our driver, to dinner. This was our most expensive meal in Belarus: As was typical for Belarus, the restaurant was quite large, but there were only three or four tables of people. There was a live band with five or six members.

The state obviously does not run these restaurants at a profit! Rosa commented that she knew the lead singer; he was a Jewish fellow and he knew Hebrew songs. Rosa herself was not Jewish but had been married to a Jewish man, now deceased. I challenged Rosa, in jest, to request that he sing a Hebrew song. She thought that was a reasonable request and did, in fact, ask him to sing something in Hebrew. When he sang "Oseh Shalom" which Alan and I know well , not only did he and the entire band know it, but everyone else in the restaurant seemed to know it as well.

Needless to say, I was surprised. Belarusian gentiles consider themselves to be a unique ethnic group, descendants of ancient Slavic tribes, closely related to the Russians. There may have been trouble from the Poles and Lithuanians in the west, who long-ruled the Grodno area, and the Ukrainians in the south, but the Byelorussians have always gotten along just fine with the region's Jewish residents.

We saw or heard nothing to lead us to believe otherwise. This was in rather sharp contrast to nearby Ukraine, where we heard about anti-Semitism right from the beginning of our visit. Amdur still exists today as a small town. Neither the town nor its people were what I had expected to find. I had expected to see a small but modern town where people would be busy with the ordeals of everyday modern life as we know it in the United States; I had expected to find people hostile to our visit or, at the very least, disinterested and too busy to be bothered with us.

I knew I wouldn't see the shtetl of years ago when my grandfather lived there. I was dead wrong about all of that. Surprisingly, very little has changed. It surely looks much the same as it did 60 or years ago.

Only its Jews are gone. And as to the Christian population, I don't believe I've ever come across more friendly and warm strangers. Rural life is relaxed, and everyone was eager to help us. Outside the old town center, there is some modern housing, but inside, many pre-World War II houses remain. We became somewhat adept at identifying the "old" versus the "new" housing that is, pre-World War II or post-World War II and the Jewish pre-war, of course versus the non-Jewish housing.

The more well-to-do people in town had been Jewish. Their houses were built of bricks, more carefully mortared together than other houses and more ornate, with decorative brick patterns. Jews were frequently merchants, and their houses were stores downstairs and homes upstairs, two stories. But these were the better-off Jews.

The poorer Jews lived in wooden homes made of dark wooden planks with thatched or wooden roofs. Today, chickens and ducks still run loose in the streets. The roads are very narrow. Some are cobblestone; most are unpaved. Large vegetable gardens grow between the houses.

There is electricity, and some, at least, have phone lines. But there is no plumbing in most of the old town. People have outhouses and wells. Very few people have cars. Farmers have horses and carts. There are a few old cars in town, motorcycles and farm trucks, but not many. Most farming throughout the countryside is done manually, with horses but no powered machinery. I wouldn't have been surprised to have seen Tevye the Milkman or Yente the Matchmaker.

Of course, there are no Jews in Amdur. But if you want to see what Amdur looks like, watch the movie, "Fiddler on the Roof.

Today there are Byelorussians, Russians and Poles in Amdur. About half are Catholic and half are Russian Orthodox. The old folk suffer from poor nutrition and lack of dental care. They look and dress as you would expect of the Russian countryside: The only specific hope we had with regard to learning about our family of Amdur was that we might learn something of my grandfather's half-brother, Yankel Eisen, and his family. Yankel didn't leave Amdur for America when his siblings left because he was disabled and couldn't make the journey.

He had married and, we believe, had three daughters. No one ever heard from him after the war. Surely he was killed by the Nazis. But maybe a teenage child survived? Or maybe someone could remember this family and tell us something about them? Most disappointingly, and notwithstanding the fact that we talked to half a dozen older folks who had been youngsters in Amdur before the war, no one could remember the Eisens. This was somewhat surprising, since Jewish and Christian children during those years under Polish rule attended public schools together.

But each older person, some 60 years later, can understandably only remember a few Jewish families of the several hundred families that had perished. As to town documents, none exist from before the war. We searched the post-war records from for about a half hour and found no trace of an Eisen.

So we had no luck discovering the fate of this uncle and likely never will. We stopped in a tiny pharmacy that had once owned by Jews. Right in the middle of town, near the "soviet" and churches, is the very large abandoned synagogue. This synagogue, which had not been the only one in town but was clearly the largest, was the "great shul" Efron refers to as having been built in There is a photo of it in Efron's book as well.

Today it is used as a warehouse, and though it is in a reasonable state of disrepair, the structure is probably sound. Perhaps it will be restored one day, if the economy ever improves. This shul survived because it is brick; only one wooden shul has survived in all of Belarus. We spent some time in the Jewish cemetery.

Again, this was our first visit to an ancient eastern European Jewish cemetery, and we found it all at once awesome, eery and fascinating. It sits atop a hill and overlooks a beautiful view of the town.

Some graves were literally dug into steep slopes. There were hundreds or thousands of burials here. Nearly all of the headstones are illegible, toppled, worn down, moss-covered and eroded. But a handful had Hebrew lettering that was quite legible. The only name we were able to read clearly was that of "Yechezkiel Landau. But we saw no indications of vandalism, only a lack of upkeep.

Homes stand nearby, children play and farm animals wander. We visited the widow of Elli Gelfand. She bragged of the awards he had received as a Red Army soldier and showed us a certificate they had received from the Soviet government on the occasion of their 50th anniversary. She showed us the many letters Elli had received in his lifetime inquiring of the fate of other Amdurer Jews. She said it was a shame we hadn't visited a couple of years earlier; Elli surely would have known the fate of the Yankel Eisen family.

But Elli died in , and she still grieves today. The people of Amdur were extremely friendly. One woman spent a couple of hours showing us around. The employee at the council helped us look through records. We knocked on doors, met a number of people, and everyone tried to help. Only a few older folks have pre-war roots in Amdur; the other residents settled there after the war sometime. According to the older folks, Jews and Christians in Amdur always got along without a glitch.

At least during their time 's and '30s , everyone went to school together and were friends with one another. The Jewish kids learned Polish, and the Christians understood Yiddish. Our guide, Galina, a Jewish Belarrussian of my generation, believes this entirely. We truly saw no signs of anti-Semitism in Amdur or, for that matter, in Belarus. Jews were the overwhelming majority in Amdur during my grandfather's day. Jews and Christians kept separate, which may have caused some tensions, but if there was real trouble from gentiles, it would have been perpetrated by the Tzar's authorities, not by the local gentiles, who were quite a minority.

Harold Gordon, in his book The Last Sunrise , speaks of the hostility between the Jews and Poles in Grodno, with some name-calling, breaking of windows and light hooliganism. It's hard, after all these years, to get the Jewish perspective of how things really were in these towns during the 's, or in the 's, when my grandfather was a kid. Gordon does mention that the Jews got along much better with Russian and perhaps Belarussian families when they moved into Grodno when the Soviets gained control of the city in Perhaps the tensions were greater between Jews and Poles.

The economic situation is Belarus' biggest challenge today. In , it was mostly the soils of Belarus, not Ukraine, that were contaminated by Chernobyl's nuclear power plant explosion. Seventy-three percent of land in Belarus can no longer be farmed.

This, coupled with the economic crisis in Russia of the 's, has led to a very depressed economy in Belarus. In terms of the people's health, some contend that thyroid cancers among Belarus' children have been rising dramatically following Chernobyl. It is hard to find any concrete research on this, and whether the government is covering up the problem, doesn't have the money to deal with the problem, or whether there isn't, in fact, a significant problem but merely uncertainty in the minds of the people is something I really could not figure out.

What is certain is that the people of Belarus, especially the very old and the very young, have health problems due to poverty and its resulting malnutrition. People aren't starving from lack of food here, but they lack the nutrients found in diets that include a variety of food.

The poor eat little more than potatoes and cabbage. Shtetl Life This booklet consists largely of a translation of Efron's book about Amdur.

Before reading that, it is useful to understand the common characteristics of the shtetlach of 19th century European Jewry. Most of these towns also had non-Jewish populations. The Jews and non-Jews transacted business together, but their relationships usually did not extend far beyond that.

Jews preferred to stay amongst themselves, maintaining their own schools and synagogues and living in kosher homes. Of course, there were exceptions, where strong friendships were forged between Jews and gentiles. In later years, just before World War II, Jewish and gentile children studied together in the same schools primarily by force of the government. Jews lived in eastern Europe from the time of its earliest civilizations. This group is of particular interest to Jewish history.

Nearly years ago, when the Second Temple of Jerusalem was destroyed, some Jews migrated north to Turkish lands and assimilated into Turkish societies. The Turkish Khazar tribes then moved northward to eastern Europe and included some of these Jews.

Later on, very large numbers of additional Khazarians converted to Judaism, while some were also Christian and Moslem. In the 13th to 15th centuries, large numbers of Jews from Germanic lands in western Europe migrated east.

It is believed that these Jews eventually intermarried and assimilated with the Jews of Khazarian descent already living in eastern Europe.

While the German Jews outnumbered the Jews of eastern origin, some historians today believe that most of today's Ashkenazi Jews from eastern Europe us! This is particularly interesting because most of the Khazarian Jews were converts and not from the biblical Hebrew tribes. The Jews from the German empire brought the Yiddish language with them to eastern Europe, and it was ultimately adopted by all Jews of the area. Yiddish uses Hebrew letters, but its vocabulary more closely resembles the German language; it had originated in German lands which extended over a much larger area than does the present-day country of Germany.

Some Hebrew and Aramaic the everyday language of the Jews living in Arab lands after the Babylonian exile words were incorporated into Yiddish, and Russian and Polish words were also added.

The language varied depending on what part of Europe one lived in. The first known written documents in Yiddish date back to the 's. For hundreds of years, the Jews of eastern Europe communicated amongst themselves in Yiddish, learning only as much of another language for example, Russian or Polish as was required to transact business.

Prayer books were occasionally written in Yiddish, but throughout the centuries, learned Jews also knew Hebrew for praying and studying the Torah and Talmud. Religious law and observance defined the ethos of the Jewish community.

Men were frequently judged not as much by their wealth as by the extent of their Jewish knowledge. Families made staunch sacrifices so that a son, son-in-law or husband would be able to devote his time to studying the Hebrew texts.

Women, on the other hand, were expected to tend to the home and needs of the family. In some instances, women raised the children, cared for the home, garden and farm animals, prepared meals and earned the family's livelihood by maintaining a store or other business so that the husband would be free to pursue study of the Torah and Talmud.

At times, Jews led culturally and spiritually rich lives in eastern Europe. The Jewish klezmer music spirited weddings and other celebrations. The literature of Y. Peretz, Shalom Aleichem author of many tales, including that which became the basis for "Fiddler on the Roof" , and hundreds of other Yiddish writers accurately depicts life in those days.

As the haskalah "enlightenment" or modernization movement grew in the early 's, Yiddish theatre grew and became the foundation for a group of Shtetl Jews and their children who later became the Hollywood studio greats Universal, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Columbia Pictures and United Artists were all founded by men with Shtetl roots.

The relationship between the Jews and gentile authorities varied throughout the course of the eastern European experience. At times, the Jews were an integral part of the larger society, working closely with the nobility as active and loyal citizens and soldiers, working and fighting for their respective countries. Their industriousness often led to positions of relative authority and prosperity, exceeding the successes of the gentile peasant population. But Jews were usually stopped short of holding the highest positions of authority or gaining too much wealth.

As I've mentioned before, I believe it was a combination of things -- poverty, the Tzar's required lengthy army service, rising communism and related violence in Russia, signs of future war in western Europe World War I , stories of anti-Semitic murders in Ukraine, and the cultural stagnation and lack of modernism in Shtetl life -- that may have led our families to leave. Droves of Jews left beginning in the 's, moving to the U. In America, the Yiddish language and Shtetl culture rather quickly and nearly entirely died, as Jews found themselves anxious to successfully assimilate among the many ethic groups of the American "melting pot.

Shtetl life was coming to an end. The Nazis abruptly completed the end of the Shtetl era in the 's. Town by town, Jewish families, entire Shtetls, were lined up and gunned down into mass graves. Others were forced into fenced-in ghettos before being sent to die in death camps. Shtetls -- homes, businesses, synagogues, holy books -- were burned to the ground.

Seventy percent of Europe's Jews were murdered or died of disease or starvation in the Nazi ghettos and camps, between six and seven million people.

The Shtetl was no more; though many of these towns remained or were rebuilt, their Jews were gone forever. In the Soviet Union, where religious life and culture was repressed for 60 years, most Jews lost all connection to their former culture. Influences of Shtetl life helped to mould the flavour of Jewish life in the United States and in Israel.

But Shtetl life is now truly extinct. Only tiny groups of ultra-religious Jews, mostly Holocaust survivors who resist assimilation, speak Yiddish in their daily lives.

Jews in Israel abandoned Yiddish in favour of Hebrew on ideological grounds. While Yiddish language and music has made somewhat of a comeback in American universities and in the American Jewish community, Yiddish is essentially gone as a spoken language. Religion in Amdur Most of Amdur's population was Jewish in the 's, and the Jewish religion was very important in the town's daily life. It is likely that Amdur was heavily populated with Jews for centuries before the Jewish community was extinguished.

The laws and customs of the Jewish community were dictated by Jewish law. In order for someone to live within the Jewish community, he or she had to abide by Jewish law. Since Jews were mostly segregated from the gentile community, they usually conformed to the requirements of the rabbinate.

Unlike in western societies today, being a secular Jew was really not an option. Further, today's designations of Orthodox, Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionist Judaism did not exist.

The Jewish community was Orthodox, regardless of the precision with which individuals did or did not abide by religious law within the home. Hasidism, considered an ultra-conservative sect today, was thought of as radical in the 18th century. It attempted to bring fervent spirituality to a religion its followers believed had become stagnant with meaningless ritual. The Jews of eastern Europe chronicled their history according to the rabbis, synagogues and institutes of religious learning of the time, just as modern countries organize their histories according to their heads of state and military operations.

For these reasons, historical information below, along with sections of Efron's book, include the hierarchy of rabbinical figures of Amdur. Amdur was known as an important rabbinic center in Lithuania in the 's, contributing numerous eminent Jewish scholars. Efron includes in his book a chapter on the Yeshiva of Amdur, noting that other more populous Jewish communities did not have a proper Yeshiva.

From Efron's description of rabbis, cantors, Talmud teachers and Torah scribes, it is clear that religion was played a prominent role in the lives of many of Amdur's citizens. Hasidism was a popular movement in this area, and Amdur was a significant center for Hasidism. In , , and , about Hasidim went from the Grodno area to Israel, settling in Jerusalem, Hebron, and Tiberias, where they founded yeshivas. Amdur Hasidism is the topic of Chapter 3 pp.

Amdur Hasidism was a branch of Lithuanian Hasidism. Rabinovitch regards Karlin Hasidism from another nearby shtetl and Amdur Hasidism as two of the three branches of Lithuanian Hasidism.

There was bitter sectarian strife between Mitnagdim those who were against Hasidism -- Mitnagdim means "they are against" and Hasidim for 30 years. In , in the face of Mitnagid "bans and boycotts," Karlin and Amdur were "the refuge of Lithuanian Hasidism. He authored an 18th century kabbalistic book republished in Israel called Hayim v'Hesed first edition: Renowned Jewish philosopher Martin Buber mentions Cheikel in one of his books. Cheikel died in and was succeeded by his son, Rabbi Shmuel of Amdur active in Amdur Hasidism did not continue thereafter; Rabinovitch attributes that to Mitnaged opposition.

Early rabbis of Amdur included: Yisrael Zack, head of the Court of Zablodvi; Bierz. Yisrael, son-in-law of kabbalist R. Shmuel, author of "The Responsa Shmuel," son of R. Shmuel, who wrote "Beit Shmuel," a commentary on the Shulchan Aruch section pertaining to marriage and divorce, who passed away in in Rackov, near Minsk; R. Tuvya, and after he left Amdur he was appointed the head of the Jewish court in the city of Metz in the province of Tiktin; and R.

Chaim Cheikel, who was well known in rabbinic circles. The strong religious community in Amdur, including the Hasidic base, is curious to us; after all, my grandfather truly had no use for organized religion whatsoever he told me that God has no use for fancy buildings, such as the then-newly constructed Morman tabernacle in Washington that we drove past in the 's; so he may have believed in God, though not in religious ritural.

He got into trouble as a teen for not going to shul. Dad remembers him inviting people into the house to eat during Yom Kippur when one is supposed to be fasting. But he was, undoubtedly, a paradox.

It's clear that most of Amdur's Jews were very pious. Recently the jewish genealogy magazine Avotanu printed an article on the amazing results that DNA matching can achieve. Click here to view this article which the magazine has granted us permission to include.

Based upon the 18th and 19th century archival material we have acquired, we assume that all the Amdurs with roots in Braslav descend from a single common ancestor, a man named Elyakim, who probably lived in Indura and was born about or Those who descend from the Amdur[sky]s of Mogilev also have a tradition of a common ancestor.

In some cases, we cannot determine if an Amdur belongs to the Bialystok Amdurskys, the Braslav Amdurs, the Mogilev Amdur[sky]s or some other group as yet unidentified. DNA testing can help us answer some of these questions. A strand of DNA in the human genome, passed from father to son, or from mother to daughter, remains essentially unchanged down through the generations.

Unlike the rest of our DNA. This means that a stretch of DNA is in every Amdur male with roots in Braslav should be essentially the same as that of his father, grandfather, great-great-grandfather and so on back into the mists of history. Occasionally, a mutation may cause a slight alteration, but nothing more. Those who came from Mogilev or from Bialystok do not descend from the same common ancestor as those from Braslav even though the progenitors of all likely lived in Indura in the late 18th century.

It is also the company used by the academics that have studied the so-called Cohen gene and are conducting the massive DNA migration project for the National Geographical Society in Washington, D. Depending on the nature of the specific DNA, it also may show if they Do have a common ancestor within a certain number of generations. The greater the number of markers analyzed e. In order to eliminate the possibility of no common ancestor, Y-DNA testing begins with a marker test.

Once an order is placed, a kit will be sent. The kit consists of three cotton swaps and a pre-labeled envelop in which to return them. Results will be mailed back within five weeks. They will give you your haplotype your specific marker scores and tell you to what haplogroup you belong. Common genetic research practice groups individuals with similar Y-DNA markers. Each group is called a haplogroup. Based on the marker test, the distance between two individuals is measured by the number of mismatches in their DNA sequences.

A zero distance indicates a perfect match 12 of If individuals have the same haplotype, they likely share a common ancestor. Often these others have different last names. Contact the web master if this link does not work.

One group tabs above shown in red is that of the Pittsburgh Amdur family and those who most probably link to them, and the other group tabs above shown in blue is that of the family we called the Braslav Branch and those that possibly link to there.

We still require a large number fo tests to be done as there are still many branches which we cannot link to and the results of the tests will allow us to narrow the area of genealogical research. If the tab link to your tree shows in black we ask that you find someone who will consider doing this non-invasive test. Maps of the Amdur World from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries. Aerial shot of modern Indura Amdur Geographical coordinates: Area map of Braslav and the smaller village of Slabodka.

Aerial view of modern Braslav. This link is to a current list of all known Amdurs and their descendants dating from about the s. The format of this page is currently under trial and we request your understanding if it does not work as well as it should.

The first is to simply scroll down untill you find the name your are looking for and then click on the adjacent tree link. The second option is to press Control F for a Window's machine XP, Vista, Win 7 , not too sure on an Apple and at the lower left hand side of the screen you will see a small ribbon with the word 'Find'. Enter the name and press 'Next' until you find the name you are looking for and then click on the adjacent tree link.

This link is to an Amdur family slide show made up of - photos you have kindly sent in. We do not have names on everyshot but the purpose is not so much names as enjoyment of seeing faces familiar yet unknown. Please be aware that this is a large folder and may take some time to download and run smoothly.

Speed will depend on your system and your download speed. We trace this tree back to an ancestor - Eliakim - who was born most probably in the s Warning: Given that the Braslav branch now runs to about members and will print out to over 7 metres the separate trees noted above will still be available to view as individual trees - Just click on the required trees.

This tree is known to be a part of the main Amdur trunk but currently we are not too sure exactly how it connects. How they link to the trunk however is currently under further discussion as there are three possible Yankels born , and and it is not certain as to which of these they link to. This file is very large over 15 mb owing to the numbver fo photos embeded into it.

It may take some time to download depending in your ADSL bandwidth. The Yankel Kark Amdur tree is a branch which has much Amdur information yet the progenitor's original surname was apparently totally different It is believed to have been Kark. Family memories tell one story yet facial similarieties with member so of the Braslav branch seem to indicate possible close relationship. For reasons unknow or remembered some of the sons changed their name to Amdorsky or Amdur during the 19th century.

Hyam Meyers of Sydney Australia has provoded a detailed document which details the history of the family. Given that although this family may not be connected to any of the Amdur branches either by genetics or place of origin I have decided to retain their data for others to view, review and use as they require. The webmaster requests that any discussions on this families origins be directed to Hyam Meyers, careof the webmaster.

The Abraham Amdur tree is a group from Novo Alexandros. The progenitor is the father of Abraham, and at least one other son. Facial similarities indicate a relationship between this branch and the Amdur main trunk. The Amdour tree consists of a family who live in a small town in northern France.

The progenitor of this branch was Schneir Amdiur. The Avram Amdur tree. The Cecil Alexander Amdur Tree. The progenitor of this Amdur grouping moved to Houston, Texas in the USA possibly from Kapuge, Latvia around the turn of the century, with at least the two elder children having been born in Europe. They went into the furniture business. Click here to view an on-line newspaper article about the furniture business they ran. A second Amdur family from Houston has recently come to light and currently members of both families are attempting to find the connection via some common family histories.

Although the progenitor link is tentative the rest of the tree is well documented. There exists strong circumstantial evidence for the progenitor link such as a grandson being called Gedalya, as this name is only known in three other instances amongst Amdurs, and the fact that Gedalya Avraham had a son called Shlomo Meir Chaim Amdur whereas the descendants all know of a progenitor called Shlomo Chaim Amdur.

Gershon Geirszon Amdurski lived in Suwalki where he had a large family. Little is known of this branch except that many may have perished in the Sho'ar although at least one branch had a survivor who died in Leningrad in the s. This tree may be connected to the tab headed Amdour France. Nothing else is known of this branch other than the slightly different spelling to the surnam.

The Joseph Amdor family is a grouping that comes from northern England and Scotland. Today the one line we can trace has spread as far afield as Australia. The Chaim Hyman Amdur tree consists of a small group which originally moved to South Africa and then partial alyah to Israel. This family originated possibly in Rokishkis and has some connection with the Gafenovich family. The progenitor is the father to Max Mottel, Louis, and at least one daughter. This new breakdown is thanks to the work of Michael Waas and Nehemia Shiff who recently met up in Israel to discuss this complex line.

This link is a proposed ancestry created by Nehemia Shiff. This link is to a MS Excel document put together by Nehemia Shiff outlining what he belives is the possible Amdur linkage fof the Mogilev Amdur branch. In it he also quotes his sources. The webmaster would appreciate any discussions about the validity of this ancestral line be directed to Nehemia. Further work and DNA testing is required to determine exactly how each of these groups are related to each other, if at all.

It may well be that there were at least two separate Amdur groupings living in Mogilev during the mid part of the 19th century. DNA testing will also determine the link if any with the Braslav branch or the Pittsburgh branch. The Mogilev 1 tree consists of the descendants of Mendel Amdurer and those who are connected with the Amdursky Hotel in Jerusalem.

The Mogilev 3 tree consists of the descendants of Abram Amdurer. This line currently disappears in the late C The Mogilev 4 tree consists of the descendants of Leib Amdursky. The Mogilev 5 tree consists of the descendants of Zalman Amdursky. This Link is to a Hebrew publication honouring Yerachmiel Amdursky.

The following narrative, put together by two interested members of this branch M. Just checked and the market selling them is still accessible from the hidden wiki page. Will bet they recruit all of these kids from homeless shelters and foster homes. Sorry the sms services I know they are all clogged and the numbers have been used prior, there are however some of them you can still buy an own number for for like a month and get it done though, but you have to pay with cc.

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A taste of your own medicine bitches. You doxxed a couple of our guys, made them lose their jobs? You get your entire organisation BTFO. Have fun hiding like Erica did, but you know it won't be long till cops break down your door and put you in for being associated with a terror organisation. You thought you could bully people because of their beliefs and opinions. Tables are now turned antifag bitches. There is no greater power than weaponised autism.

I suspect the phone nr part is just a ruse. Said something about deleting tweets that broke twitter TOS. I wont get unbanned i think.

They just want more doxx info. I actually wouldn't even bother getting a new sim anyway. No matter how kosher my accounts look I get zapped pretty much instantly now. I seriously want to send this satanist piece of shit straight to hell with a fucking bullet to the head. She really is atrocious.

She is so self-absorbed and has become the quintessential metal elitist. She sold merch for Anal Cunt, ffs. She is not open to any debate, she blocked multiple socks of mine trying to goad her. If you ever want to chuckle, check out the Vice piece on Whiskey where various Vice staff drink different Whisky's. Holy hell, she was a train-wreck to begin with but those years of touring with bands and drinking have not been kind.

She was near that car in Charlottsville. At first I thought she was playing it up but I did confirm she was there in footage. Boy oh boy, the wrong commie got hit.

If you want entertainment, call this fat fuck. He went absolutely mental. Hahaha, what did he say? That guy is the absolute worst feminist scum I have ever come across anywhere. He spends his entire life bullying kids on Facebook and on "d2jsp" for disagreeing with his leftist scum politics while his fat Mexican fiancé goes out and earns for him and their baby, while allegedly raises their child, but actually he literally spends all day playing shit Steam games and talking Marxist shit on the internet, attending protests and attacking those he disagrees with, and hasn't worked a day in his life.

I couldn't even begin to tell you all the shit he said. I was laughing my balls off for the first 5 minutes, then he just wouldn't stop going on I had to hang up.

He definitely has some issues. I have not yet figured out anything about this place but i follow the links posted on twitter. I want to thank you all for this work.

The pedophiles will be stopped this time or the earth will be toast. Aww man, you have no idea. Praise be the gods, the family's name stay untarnished and the family brass stay proud. You guys put me on the list but little do you know I am not antifa, I am anti anti anti anti antifa. Why is my name on the list? I didn't even know anything about antifa until I was contacted by a family member about my named on here…..

I was on a list of dicks that people wanted to suck… This is the link…. What kind of worthless grab is that list? I think my lil bro scooped a bunch of facebook crap from his browse history..

Now what applies here I wonder, "Chat shit, get hit" surely? Why its what these people want to live by.. I hope their loss of sleep is some comfort.. Because its one of the last things they will end up experiencing. Hope this was all worth it Commie scum! This is the email list for a refuse fascism site, not a list of Anti-fa, a hacked site does not the anti fa make. She's "partners" with a Dave Strano of the John Brown gun club. They hand out guns to these kids before protests.

I'm pretty sure that's illegal. You know what I love about liberals on the internet, you can really see how irrational and retarded they are when their words are frozen right in front of you like this.

And you are a childless loser, my bet is that you'll kill yourself at age 40 because all you have is nothing. That's funny because how can you round up everybody without dying like a horde of zulus to a machine gun. Start mailing these cucks some special packages. That guy Ted had the right idea. You made Nazi very broad so what if you accidentally say punched a retarded man who happened to be white, would you call him a nazi or would you stand against your so called comrades and try to protect him.

Gee don't your group want to punch nazis? Who cares if he's retarded after all he's a nazi. You can always go to Realize that that we are earnest saying the saddest words of Tongue and Pen: Confirmed to have been present at Charlottesvile 2. These people aren't exactly master criminals, are they? We need photos too. We need a fucking database with all the dirt on each subject we can find.

How hard is it to make a darnet site? Can you gpu mine a name, thelist. Was you ironically supporting antifa? Was you fucking stupid enough to do it with your real name?

If so Darwin demands you pay for your retardedness. Awww you think you are on twitter don't you? Guess what I think you should take a long deep breath and go outside maybe you can be like one of your comrades and get run over. Are you retarded or are you trying to make up for being a failure in your parent's eyes. Add this guy to the listhttps: I'm noticing a lot of low quality bait being sprinkled in threads, and all of it is rife with genuinely retarded diction. The whole college-educated liberal meme doesn't really seem to translate into actual literacy.

This guy started a patreon account so people can pay his bills for him while he goes out to organize violence…. Please get better with listing your members. I share a name with your member Laura Wolpert, and I found this out with a Google alert. This list better not mess up my chances of getting a better job. This is not me. Here's Paul Stroud's dox. There's also a David Stroud from Arkansas who might be related to either of these. David was a notorious pedo and furfag way back in the usenet days, had connections with commie groups and was involved with Perverted Justice funny how many of them were chomos, isn't it?

Wow, this is impressive anons. However, make sure to verify before acting. Unlike those fuckers, we don't want the blood of innocents.

Remember to use the Troll Portal Ruination guide. That can already fuck their lives up pretty badly or at least scare them. Someone spread to cuckchan. But make sure you hide behind proxies, cause they range banned my region for doxxing the Logan James Smith faggot he's still being a complete fucktard on twitter, even after he got hacked and lost his patreon.

Here add this to your list…and that's not a "doxx". I know this bitch. She eight years ago she told me to "get my kike ass out of HER scene". The bitch hates Jews, won't even give them the time of day. She worships varg vikernes. I've seen her at shows for Nazis like Boyd rice. This was before antifa was cool.

Of course there are lists… it's very naive to think otherwise. It's only because of current political pressures that police and security services are held back from acting upon them.

Oh man this is the cutest, most futile thing I've ever seen a neckbeard collective do. Y'all really think this is going to accomplish much besides a bunch of losers sending unsubstantiated death threats? Sorry nerdo-nazis, Antifa aren't as universally hated like you losers are. Nobody will get fired for being "outed" as Antifa or be ostracized by their friends and family, in fact they will probably get a parade because surprise: That's why we were glad when one of you morons botched it and decided to kill one of us; whenever you dumb-asses cry about us being violent we just need to point to the person you killed.

Also thanks for putting your faith in a dude with a Jewish son-in-law. Did this fucker just use an emoji here? Go back to your normie shitholes on facebook faggot. I'm sorry, but what happened to Eric Clanton and Logan Smith? What happened to all of your mainstream shilling for Killary and Bernie? Who's the one who take photos of them carrying fake guns because they are all pussies who don't know how to shoot? Most of us aren't Nazis but just conservatives that are sick of your brainless progressiveness.

Disagreeing with you doesn't make us a facist, even though that's what your gender studies professor may have told you. You faggots are the one getting destroyed every single time. New Jersey even declared you a terrorist group! So fuck off back to your safe space on shitbook. And no, antifags aren't "universally loved. Your entire ideology makes no fuckin sense.

Your belief is an oxymoron by definition. No one loves you. Go run back to mommy and hope that she gives you some money jobless NEET. Remember anons, verify before attack. We don't want the blood of innocents. We don't want to mistake a target because we aren't brainless fucktards like the antifags.

Said he was from Texas to someone else. The next time one of you plan on hitting someone with a bike lock, make sure that you are not on that list, or else we will find you. Having this list of names and thousands of us willing to scrape the Internet of pictures of them, makes you extremely vulnerable, even with masks on.

Stop pretending that you are not scared of our capabilities. Mind that we do not represent the side of the political spectrum that demand to be provided for. We are the ones that ask to be left alone. Your idea of who's weak, and who's strong is simply childish. Is there a by state list?

I missed the original pastebin. Would love to fuck with local Antifa fags. Further the lack of outcry about the racemixing cunt's death truly shows how worthless she was to everyone.

Not a single media company could be bothered to make a documentary about her life, wonder why that is? You're just tools for international capitalism, the best you Marxist fools can do would be China and there everyone's life is equally worthless, except in the party but I doubt you'll make it into there unless you're a Jew. The bucket of glue has been deleted, and I can't seem to get through to the specter bucket either. Can someone post it again? This is extremely common for new-ish accounts on Twitter.

You should be able to fix it by emailing them and telling them you don't have a number. You must really be fuckin retarded. Seems to me that all of you Antifags are brainless. We have a large list of you fuckers, but you don't know anyone here. Lurk more before shilling fag. She's a "weird, stripper thing" and a confirmed antifa member. Not sure which sect, but likely North Shore Antifa. Not all antifas wears masks, look out for who was visible but was ignored by the doxxing efforts.

All antifas information is of potential interest. Antifas that has not comitted serious crimes today. If the organizers of an event know who is supposed to be at a rally, that mean they can identify sloppy infiltrators and undercover police. Antifas that has not comitted serious crimes today may be serious criminals in the near future and delete whatever they put online to make investigation difficult.

August - 8chan Transparency Report. Do not bump you can also write sage in the email field. Spoiler images this replaces the thumbnails of your images with question marks. Tel Chai, Israel F. Also on kikebook and twitter Dominique Malaquais: Children's Fantasy Writer Christine Mallory: Gardening for Biodiversity Catherine Mann: Anderson Brooke Davis Anderson S. Futorian Sherrill Futrell Douglas Futuyma. You know, I don't get the whole controversy behind this.

The Antifa retards went to the protest looking to "bash the fash" meaning they were purposely seeking out violence at a peaceful protest and then got promptly BTFO How is this a bad thing? Don't play rough if you can't be tough. Gutierrez Sanin Robin Santhouse, Ph. Alkhalil Kaylyn Dere Sarah Jacobs.

Closed profile privacy after election https: Knows all the big dicks. Holy fuck that's quite a list How were these all obtained?

The power of autism? Is this a false flag to make a story out of since some of them are fake? Brett Hamil Seattle Antifa responsible for organizing violence today twitter. I'm sure you're very proud. Do you retards even read? A terrorist tactic used by Communists. Pastebin of other antifa with their information. Really makes you think, huh? Good job guys, in future you can submit similar files at https: Ashton Tyer 75 Paulette Dr. They didn't do nuffin. They're bit late on that compared to us.

It should be interesting too see how man writers are in that doxing list. Click thumbnail to play. What do they represent?

Anyone noticed these fellas while looking through the names? If we burn, they burn with us. What program is this? I want this program. We don't need more newfags and kikes. I've been using them for quite some time now…. I have a local Antifa group in my area and they have a FB page.

They seem to have it locked up pretty tight… https: This site here keeps track of radical teachers which I have a feeling will all be on the list: Don't make them victims. Try using a different service maybe? Same dump from the OP: Here is an exact copy. What about these 2? Yvette Felarca Eric Clanton. Infowars is in this thread. Abolish all age-based curfew. Children shall have the right to divorce their parents.

Centereach, NY — Phone number: You assholes can go fuck yourselves. You've probably fucked it all up for the rest of us.

Fucking cunts are live linking the site. Shame if someone shut them down. Make an app for that. Just for hiring practice. Antifa faggots are complaining and trying to DMCA-ing this thread lol! Is the list legit? I could see some of those being coincidence, but with shit like jack meoff its a bit hard to believe It seems as if the tables have turned, antifa cunts: Anyone know of a service i can use that works with twitters sms system?

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