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If anything, you can always revert back to the Extreme plan which is also very effective. Leighton Brown was started by three friends who hail from the pub and restaurant trade. By chance, when Zach Even-esh invited me to speak at his mastermind group meeting, I got to meet Tom. You can eat one meal whenever you would like, but most people prefer to eat at night. Can you eat fruit if you become hungry throughout the day??? I remember when I was younger I hardly ever ate. I just got my 21 Day Fix program and trying to shop.

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That does not mean restricting foods, it just means considering what choice you make. My weight gain from eating high calorie crap was from the amount I was eating. It all comes down to knowing what you put in your body and how many calories you consume- that cannot be stressed enough. As consumers and patrons we have the right to know what we are consuming- and when that is provided, there is no reason a person can look anywhere aside from themselves for their physical appearance and the number that pops up on the scale.

I am very strict with what I eat, which is why I am hear trying to find something to order. Your response to Cheesecake not publish their nutritional info I feel is off base.

Asking restaurants to publish their nutrition facts is not asking the restaurant to take on the responsibility of the American diet, it instead works as a tool to help people make responsible decisions. We just want to know the facts, and once we know that we can make our choices. Why should it be all or nothing?

People can eat out sensibly as you do, and then use this information to make choices. My husband and I eat at CF a few times a year and enjoy it. But you know, if I want to be healthy then I take responsibility for that.

They still eat junk either way. Just another company contributing to Fat America. If your not eating here everyday you should be able to enjoy this place. There food is amazing! Workout and eat half way healthy so you can spoil yourself to such great food at the factory! I was searching all over for this information for myself as well as my guests. I have only been working at CCF for 5 months and have been eating there very often so I definitely wanted to look this info.

Honestly, for some items I do like to warn my guests about how big the portion size is, or approximate caloric count if they say they are trying to keep it waistline friendly.

Being so angry that a pasta that takes me sittings to eat has calories is a bit ridiculous. I probably eat CCF food times a week sometimes even more if I work many hours that week and have no time to cook for myself and have lost about 10 lbs since I started.

I am more than willing to bet that actually working there and running my butt off for 6 — sometimes 15 hours a day is the reason the pounds are flying off. Cardio is your friend people, also, just be sensible about portion control. I am 40 pounds down due to managing my portion size at every meal and getting a very active job.

You are still the last line of defense when it comes to what you put in your body. All of those items except the kids meal I box up over half and eat the rest later. Ohhh I wish they had included fiber and protein amounts. In order to calculate Weight Watchers Points Plus values, you need fat, carbs, fiber, and protein. This is basically useless to me: There are a few things posted that do bother me.

Most restaurant food is. My generation grew up eating a lot of pre-packaged food, and our parents were told it was healthy and good for us. That was, and is still, not the case. I had no idea that CCF was billing itself to be family style, mainly because no server has ever claimed that to me, ever give me a clean plate to add food onto, ever tried to put the meals we ordered in the center of the table so everyone could reach and serve themselves, ever claimed on their menu that they are family style… you know, all the things family style restaurants usually do.

I know eating out is not healthful for me, I know that the portion size is too big, I know that I should not consume like that everyday. So what is my issue? If forcing companies to post this information online, in the store, on the box and on the menu is a part of the solution to obesity in this country, then make it so. For all you managers and servers that whine about how much more difficult this makes your job, suck it up.

And stop complaining about your tips. We all know the food tastes great at ccf, so it must have been the service that sucked. No one should ever eat there, even if their life depended on it.

The nutrition data is so eye popping! That restraunt should be shut down. Common sense has got to dictate what you eat! But for those who want to enjoy it, then by all means, go ahead!

The food there is designed to be tasty and affordable. If it matters that much to you, find somewhere else to eat. Use some common sense. You know fries are worthless nutrition food.

How healthy can a piece of cheesecake ever be? Of course ranch dressing is full of fat. A LOT of calories. Why are you surprised that the numbers can be so high? Get a sandwich and veggies on the side. Not that bad at all. Exercise and eat more things you enjoy. Physical activity boosts your metabolism, which means you can eat less healthier things and still not gain weight. But no, people would rather complain about how many calories are in a piece of cheesecake and then go ahead and order it the next day.

While I understand those nutrition facts can be scary you have to remember that our meals are meant to be shared. I just took a Santa Fe salad home for dinner yesterday, and had enough left for breakfast and lunch today. Since it says my salad was only calories that means I ate 3 cal meals which is definitely not bad. Oh, and one last thing, the people surprised about the cheesecakes.

You just have to do everything in moderation. Then split the other half with someone, our slices are easily generous enough to do that.. These posts are hilarious!!! I am on a diet and losing weight quicker then I hoped and I eat at the Cheesecake Factory at least twice a week and usually at least one or two other nights at other places.

The problem has never been the food or the high calorie count. If you were surprised by the facts you need a science class, I actually thought it would be much worse.

Ill write out some info below explaining but basically this is the end result. Dont over eat, eat a balanced meal, show self control, and try exercising. If you do that you could eat there every day and be skinny. There dishes are huge and not that pricey. Just because its big dish doesnt mean you gotta eat it all? Think, and have self control. Because of the huge sizes me and my girlfriend can eat hear and have more left over than we can at applebees, and because we split something, it actually saves me money!

The fat in the meal has never been the issue, the problem is portions and type of fat. Its ok to eat a stick of butter as long as its balanced with protein and not more than you need. Its not, its actually better pound for pound and is less processed than similar dishes at other places. Except at Cheesecake they taste better, only cost a little more, is twice the size and only has more calories because it weighs more.

I always go the same one, but I have never had a bad server. They know there food, they have recommendations on whats good not pushing whats stale. There also really funny. Its a free country? If you have to have that information then dont eat there. I hope people are smart enough to realize there all incorrect anyways. This is not packaged food. A dishes calories could easily vary by calories depending the portion, how much of each ingredient, how long it was fried or cooked, etc.

You dont make spaghetti at your house and portion out calories. The best you can do is guess. Counting calories will never help you lose weight, it just leads you in the right direction. I hope everyone realized how stupid daily nutrition facts are. You dont burn calories a day. This is a gauge based off someone who does burn calories.

Calories burned is based on your genetics, lifestyle, time your awake, activity level, and many other factors. You cant ever know exactly what you burn without medical tests. But you can get a good idea based off of height, weight, age, gender, activity level, and exercise level. And there are calculators out there to help.

Without exercise I burn about calories, with exercise about calories. You are supposed to eat certain foods to fit your lifestyle, Americans dont do that. For instance you need high fat, moderate protein, and low carb if you sit at desk all day like me.

If you work outside you need and move you need high carb, moderate protein, low fat. Calories do not mean fat. There are more factors. There are calories in a pound of fat. But that doesnt mean if I burn I will weigh a pound less or that a cal piece of chicken and cal Snickers will act the same in my body.

Food that is processed and fried in cheap oil at Mcdonlds will cause double the weight gain of the same type of dish at cheesecake because your body cant as easily identify is as fuel. I always hated these restaurants and still do. Cheesecake Factory, Claim Jumper … I cannot physically fit all that food down me, so I end up getting an appetizer, not being able to finish it, watch it get wasted, and then not be able to order dinner.

I might as well just flush the money down the toilet. If people manage their debt like they manage their plates, no wonder Americans are all spherical and up to their eyeballs in red ink.

This thread has been going on for a couple of years now, but I just now stumbled across it. People are still posting, so I want to add a couple of comments. I have been scanning these posts for about 30 minutes, and I have to say I am stunned at the attitudes of the CF servers who have posted. While I can appreciate their frustration with customers who treat them badly, complain about everything, and leave poor tips, none of those things really have anything to do with the topic being discussed here.

CF is my favorite restaurant, but I consider it a high-calorie treat to be enjoyed on special occasions. I have never had a bad server at CF, and I am happy to treat them with respect and tip them well.

One issue has nothing to do with the other. I have always struggled with my weight, and I always keep track of my calories. If I do order it, I take a couple of bites and then share it or take the rest home. One slice has been known to last me nearly a week.

Bill Phillips — Every fitness professional who runs any type of transformation challenge with our clients, owes a great deal of gratitude to Bill for paving the way with his Body-for-Life Challenge. Greg Glassman — Yes, the founder of Crossfit deserves our attention and respect. Look there are bad personal training programs everywhere, bad gyms, bad fitness boot camps and bad CF boxes.

It all boils down to programming and coaching. The elite level CF owners and coaches have picked up the slack, by providing smart programming.

This piece was originally meant to be part of my book, The Natural Bodybuilding Bible, but as with any book, not everything makes the final cut. I thought the words I shared here were too important to keep hidden. This is why Natural Bodybuilding is a major part of my life. Reading and researching have continued to help shape my personal self.

I was at a low point in my training, my nutrition and my bodybuilding direction. Joe provided a great solution. What I failed to realize, at first conversation, was that my simple conversation about business and client success would lead me to becoming a partner with the guy who has given Natural Bodybuilding contest preparation the direction it has always lacked.

It was through Dr. I owe a ton of what I know as a nutritional coach, a bodybuilder and a contest preparation coach to Dr. Fellow professional bodybuilder, fitness professional and photographer, Jordan Chabinsky has given me a new found respect for the art of stage photography.

Since that conversation in , to use a Dr. Joe phrase, fine-tuned my approach to bodybuilding and contest preparation. Leaders in our industry, like Nancy Andrews, who I owe a great deal of gratitude, are the reasons I love this misunderstood sport. The sport of Natural Bodybuilding has given me so much in life, as I believe it will for many of you. And then grab your bonuses! This is the Secondary Sidebar Widget Area.

You can add content to this area by visiting your Widgets Panel and adding new widgets to this area. Powered by Fit Web Solutions. Contact Store About Blog. Combined, they equal an effective fat loss program. Give these 5 tips a go and let me know how you are doing.

The majority of the clients I work with have some type of preconceived notion about fat loss. Use high repetitions in strength training. The hierarchy of fat loss is actually very easy to understand. Preferentially Burning Fat from stores in the body The real equation to fat loss success is the following.

This ultra important first step, looks like the following. Oxidation Step 3 When carnitine levels in the body are high through the transport of fatty acids to energy oxidation can occur. Stick to the Program May 1, By Tyler. So…stop your program jumping. Stop looking for the next revolutionary product.

Stop searching Groupon for the best deal. Yes, stick with a program long enough to achieve success. Yes…nutrition is that important… 3 Be consistent. Trust me when I tell you this…no program is that revolutionary. A squat is a squat, a plank is a plank, a deadlift is a deadlift.

Here are my thoughts… You are a business owner. You are a brother, sister, father, mother, aunt, uncle, son, daughter, etc, first. You have a life. You have a significant other. You have to operate the business. Working in your business sometimes is what your business needs.

Working on your business is just as important, if not more important for your longevity and psyche. Your work will take up a large majority of your life. You will struggle to find balance. Those same clients will go. Those same clients who have come and gone, will come back. Compete on delivering the best product out there. The help some people need is beyond the scope of your practice. People will talk about the amazing work you do. People will talk behind your back, in a negative light.

Jealously and envy come with success. So too does support, love and respect. Other gyms will pop up around you. Some of those gyms will try to imitate your product. Staff will come, staff will go. People will hold grudges, let them. People will lie to your face. You may become friends along the way.

Anyone can open a gym, not everyone can grow a gym. Working anything less than a hour day is a break. People will ask you when you are going on vacation. Gain a strong understanding of basic fat loss nutrition. Grow this understanding to build a solid foundation of fat loss nutrition. Learn how to deliver this understanding of nutrition so a client understands it. People will mistaken your confidence for arrogance.

No one will ever truly understand your passion. The only person loyal to your business is you. Being strong, will go far beyond your time spent with the iron. You will struggle to delegate. You will live by your set of core values. Surround yourself with people who believe in these core values. Practice what you preach. Take deep breaths daily. You still need mobility.

There is strength in stability. Provide feedback, both positive and negative. Train like a Strongman. Diet like a Bodybuilder. Mobilize like a Weightlifter. Think like a Powerlifter. Learn how to squat, bench and deadlift. Core work is not overrated. Understand the importance of the hips. Surround yourself with people who have your best interest at heart. These same people will be hard to find. When you meet the person who stops you in your tracks, show them how much you love them, hold them tight, keep them by your side and make them happy.

If given the opportunity to join a mastermind, do it. Network, pay it forward, ask for help. Focus on the now. You may lose something good, but you may gain something better. Be one of those programs. Going without food is ok.

Great people are better. On that note, be a great person first, great coach second. Then read it again. The fitness industry is full of assholes.

The fitness industry is full of amazing people. For every asshole you meet, there are hundreds of hungry coaches who want success as bad as they want to breath.

Not every coach is meant to be a fitness business owner. Some of the amazing people you meet in the fitness industry will become your best friends.

Start your business for freedom, not to get rich. Train to get strong. Train your clients to get strong. We love to serve it as an easy to make appetizer with cheese and crackers. So guess what, guys.

Like, The Best Ever. It's so good that I want to climb to my rooftop and scream it out loud. I know this whole bacon jam thing is borderline insanity which I can't believe I'm saying cause I LOVE bacon , but bear with me for a moment. I've tried a few bacon jams before but never tried making one , and they've all been pretty darn tasty. But I hadn't tried one that was extraordinary, until last week.

Early last week, the handsome man and I took a trip up to the Okanagan. That's wine country up here; often nicknamed Napa Valley North.

We visited 13 different wineries and by the time we arrived at the restaurant at Hester Creek Winery after skipping lunch in favor of more wine tasting , we were starving. The first dish we shared was a burrata cheese plate with this bacon jam. There were a few other things on that plate too, but who's kidding, it was all about the jam.

Even the burrata took the backstage, for once in its life. It was so different than any other bacon jam I have tried. The onions were sliced thick, and there were chunks of chewy bacon.

Last night, I served this as a light starter for Thanksgiving dinner we celebrate that a little earlier here in Canada. The room went quiet. Like, everyone had their faces stuffed full of bacon jam quiet.

I took it as a good sign. Since making this bacon jam recipe back in , I have now officially made it , times. Ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration.

How much food should I take?