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NES 08 Pathology I. Meetings, Online or a little bit of both. The eBook is included with the course. Womankind Womankind provides women in the Bristol area with free or affordable professional counselling, psychotherapy and on-going support. An agency or agency vendor may manage the ongoing operations of the OHC, staffed with contracted health professionals.

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Our current line of Infoceuticals is only available via qualified and experienced healthcare practitioners and therapists who have completed training and earned certification in the NES Health WellNES System. In the professional range there are two main categories of Infoceutical:.

These Infoceuticals are designed to properly power your Body-Field so that it can efficiently coordinate the complex functions of your physical body and enhance your overall energy and vitality. Each of these Infoceuticals correlates to a major organ or organ system and usually demonstrates priority within the body.

These support the information pathways of our body. Each Integrator interacts with several major organs, tissues and systems in the body. The Energy Flow Infoceuticals have also been shown to increase clarity of mental functions and improve emotional elasticity and communication.

A very good course on the topic of aromatherapy. Content includes; History of aromatherapy, essential oils, A-Z listing of essential oils and their application, special use of essential oils in aromatherapy, and more.

The eBook is available via www. A course on the analysis of blood vessels and colors in the sclera of the eyes in order to determine stress and congestion in corresponding body areas. Topics are; what sclerology is, the anatomy of the eye, scleral lines and colors and their significance, natural approaches to wellness, how to view and chart scleral findings, and photos of scleral findings. Sclerology complements and clarifies Iridology. The eBook is included with the course.

Content covers the following: Dinosaurs and the Bible by Brian Thomas. The above eBooks are included with the course. All manner of counseling from a biblical perspective. Free eBook may be possible online. The Truth about Vaccines and What to do. Garcia, MD eBook pages. The eBooks are included with this course. This course covers in-depth clinical nutrition. Clinically relevant nutrient metabolism. Nutrient management in clinical practice. This course takes a functional approach to clinical nutrition.

A health changing course on how to eat. This eBook is included with the course. The course covers the biblical truths behind divine healing. Christ the Healer by F.

The eBook is included with this course. The following topics are covered: Eleven Keys to Health and Longevity Credit 1. The topics covered are; improving oxygenation to your cells, proper hydration, exercise, spending time outdoors, stress reduction, right thoughts, loving, periodic fasting and under eating, your social life, knowing your purpose in life, and more. Electromagnetic pollution from electronic devices zap our body of energy.

This course covers why and what to do, as well as, give the student basic knowledge on the principles of quantum physics and energy. Topics discussed; Electro-pollution, electric power, human health studies, EMF exposure at home and at work, cell phone danger, what you can do, scalar energy and health, scalar energy and water, much more included.

T his course covers why and what to do, as well as, give the student basic knowledge on the principles of quantum physics and energy. Topics discussed; Electro-pollution , electric power, human health studies, EMF exposure at home and at work, cell phone danger, what you can do, scalar energy and health, scalar energy and water, much more included. This course covers Physical and Emotional Iridology. The Emotional or Behavioral Iridology portion of the course takes a biblical approach to wellness.

Faith Based Iridology F. I by Lawrence DeSantis, C. Textbook can be purchased through www. A cutting edge, clinically researched weight management and fitness program that has been helping individuals all over the world.

Foundational Truth for Christian Living. The foundations of the Christian Faith. A course covering the the major practices that make up Complementary and Alternative Health or Medicine. Very useful section on building your own Natural First Aid Kit.

This course contains valuable emergency health care information that surpasses typical First Aid Standard texts. A must for all natural health practitioners. Over updated botanical monographs. Evidence-based information for making the best herbal decisions. Herbal Medicines is intended to serve as a reference work for pharmacists, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, assisting in their provision of advice on the use of herbal medicines and their safety to members of the public.

It is important, especially for herbal degree students, to know how to make herbal preparations. A practitioner cannot always depend on the commercial world have all the remedies.

This course will teach; gardening and harvesting, drying, garbling, and storing of herbs, kitchen pharmacy equipment, extraction process, solvents, forms of herbal medicine, flower essences, baths for water therapy, poultices and fomentations, eight principles of excellent medicine making, and more. This course is a study of herbs and their application.

It is a compilation of researched herbs backed by clinical studies. The completion of this course will provide a foundation of knowledge for the preparation of the herbal or natural health professional. Material covered; history of herbalism, classification of herbs, herbal combinations, herbal assessments, herbal glossary, herbal preparations, essential oils, herbal solutions A to Z Vivid pictures of hundreds of herbs are included in this course.

Herbology Manual in e-book form available through www. Homeopathy is a medical science that uses substances to mimic illness and stimulate healing. This in-depth course will equip the student or practitioner to use homeopathic remedies effectively. Outline of course is as follows: How to use Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek resources. Introduction to Biblical Languages eBook by Dr. This is a course that is informative on the topic of iridology and focuses.

An extensive iridology worksheet is provided. This e-Manual is available through www. Thus Shalt Thou Serve, C. A useful course concerning the art of muscle testing for dietary and nutritional needs. Muscle testing for optimal wellness, procedures before starting the muscle test assessment, how to muscle test, anatomical testing points, things to know, testing kits and supplements, complementary assessment and therapy tools. Muscle Testing for Optimal Wellness eBook. E-book can be purchased through www.

This course covers on how to operate a ministry or a church,. A very good course on how to run a ministry and for the development of effective church management. Nail, Skin, and Tongue Analysis Credit 2. The Skin, Tongue and Nails Speak. Textbook available through major book outlets.

This course takes a Genesis perspective on health and nutrition. Probably one of the best compiled manuals for its topic. Topics covered are; Air, water, light, electro-magnetic fields, vegetables, Beans and grains, nuts and seeds, fruit, flesh foods, rest and exercise, use of herbs, detoxification and fasting, dietary supplements, weight loss, glycemic index, ORAC values, vitamins and minerals, amino acids, fats and starches, juicing, sprouting, and much more. This is a very foundational course.

Natural Remedies from the Bible. Most extensive survey available. The survey is included with the tuition of the course. The student is required to complete a survey as directed in the course instructions.

A study of the New Testament books of the Bible. Biblical approaches to spirit-soul-body health issues. Arnold and Bryan E. A study and explanation of old testament books and scriptures. A must course on the use of therapeutic doses of nutrients.

Putting it All Together: Introduction to medical language, disease process and conventional intervention in the following body systems; gastro-intestinal system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, immune system, blood and lymphatic system, integumentary system, and muscular-skeletal system. Oncology, mental health, radiology and nuclear medicine are also covered in this course.

The textbook is available in eBook form Kindle through www. PEMF Therapy is one of the most effective modalities to enhance circulation, improve energy levels, and increase cellular nutrition and oxygenation. Can be purchased through www. The art and science of Sclerology. This is a complementary course to Iridology where S clerology is used to clarify Iridology. Sclerology reveals changes in the healing process or how chronic a problem may be. It is focused mainly on the red veins, indicative of current conditions.

It is the study of the whites of the eye, including the meaning of certain colors in the sclera. Text available through www. Growing Up Spiritually, Kenneth E. This book is available through www.

The stages of spiritual growth in the Christian faith. Sclerology is the interpretation of the red lines in the whites of the eyes for reflexive information regarding both acute and chronic stress patterns; as well as causative insights about a person's constitutional health.

A course on the Art and Science of Sclerology. She appears to have a fascination for dates and birthdays and lists of dates are what she keeps repeating. Honey is a month old child on the autism spectrum who attends the appointment with her childminder. She has been rubbing her eyes a lot and has developed an infection in both eyes. Indviduals with ASD are more likely than others to suffer from a range of mental health problems e. These may be acute or chronic.

A level of anxiety is chronic in ASD but it can increase and lead to additional high anxiety states, which may manifest as:. The person with an ASD may have little self-awareness so the practitioner cannot rely on verbal reports and has instead to infer the mental health problem from behaviour. Mental health problems may be helped by medication but behavioural and educational methods can also be effective, either on their own or in conjunction with a temporary period of medication.

Appointments Any appointment will inevitably involve the disruption of normal routines and this is likely to be a source of anxiety for the patient with ASD. Practical Strategies Consider if the venue and time of the appointment is likely to be problematic for your patient, and the potential impact of any anxieties related to attending the appointment.

Waiting in a busy waiting room can increase anxiety. If possible, offer a quiet space or allow individuals to wait outside until the clinician is ready to see them. Identify what individuals and agencies, if any, are supporting the patient. Offer an appointment time during a quiet part of the day or outside of usual appointment times. The individual with ASD may only be able to endure one such intrusion per day, or even per week.

Any regular treatment programme will need to take this into account, or the patient may simply not be able to attend. Check if the patient uses a hospital passport to help communicate their needs. A home visit may be a necessary option for some patients. If so, there are important considerations surrounding the inevitable invasion of personal space.

Often, individuals with ASD lead fairly solitary lives and are not used to visitors in their home. Their personal environments need to be treated with respect. They may have collections of everyday items which are untidy or even unhygienic, but which are valued highly. It may be necessary to ignore such unusual aspects of the environment if a successful consultation is to take place.

Refer to appropriate support agencies if a home visit reveals health or welfare issues. Before The Visit Conduct an initial assessment over the phone, finding out about strengths, limitations and previous experiences of appointments. Seek guidance on types of communication that will work best for the patient with an ASD. Find out if there are behavioural strategies you should use with the person.

Find out about any calming techniques that help the person. They can then prepare the person with an ASD. Putting The Patient At Ease Adult patients will have had experience of medical appointments and examinations. Communicate directly with the patient wherever possible.

Plan the appointment carefully to ensure the patient is not rushed. Practical Strategies Allow the patient time to settle. Talk quietly and slowly. Check that the patient understands - if the patient is too young or does not speak, there may be a symbolic communication that they use. Check on how the patient feels. Explain what you are going to do. Show the patient any equipment you are going to use and allow them to touch the items. Ask if the person is ready.

Young Child - Jake Calming Techniques If patients are already physically stressed then it may be necessary to wait until they are calmer in order to gain their confidence sufficiently to go ahead with a physical examination or to gain a true picture of their health.

Ask the patient to breathe slowly and deeply and the practitioner then attempts to control the rate by slow counting. Concentrate on relaxing shoulders and facial muscles by flexing and releasing. Only proceed with the examination or procedure once the patient looks or says they feel calmer.

Reflexes Eliciting the reflex response may cause puzzlement and anxiety to the patient with an ASD. Other checks The process of gaining medical information may also include other measurement such as that of head circumference. Taking a medical history This should be approached in a logical and systematic way. Practical Strategies Keep your voice even and measured. Ask factual questions to help determine patient circumstances e. If the patient with an ASD does not know, ask them for another source, e.

Recap on the basic procedure and tell the patient the order in which it is going to proceed. Explain one task at a time and keep it simple to avoid causing stress. Talk quietly to the patient telling them what you are doing as you undertake the task.

Show each implement in turn and explain where it will be placed and what for, in simple terms. Put each implement in a visual order so that the patient can anticipate what is coming next. Repeat and reinforce the order of the examination in clear simple terms as it proceeds. Remove each item in the visual order as it is used. Be prepared to postpone the examination if the patient becomes distressed.

Types Of Physical Examination The same general principles apply whatever kind of physical examination is to be carried out Blood pressure checks The taking of a blood pressure reading can follow the basic guidelines of asking, checking, explaining and reinforcing.

Temperature checks Measuring body temperature will be greatly eased by using one of the types of non-intrusive thermometers. Visual checks For visual checks on eyes, hands, nails or glands, make sure the patient with ASD knows what is going to happen before you approach them to start the examination. Full Physical Examination A full physical or intimate examination requires a degree of intrusion which can make the patient feel vulnerable or uncomfortable, and may cause pain or discomfort.

Be prepared to postpone the examination if there are signs of distress. Supporting the patient It is important that you as a practitioner secure the comfort and confidence of a patient with ASD before you start a procedure.

Direct family to resources that give advice on toileting, relaxation techniques, food and diet, sleep and dealing with anxiety. These are available elsewhere on this resource. After The Consultation Afterwards Provide a written summary after the appointment for the patient.

Treatment The process of undertaking treatment can be problematic for adults with ASD.

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