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To put this in perspective: Explore all that AARP has to offer. It defends our bodies against disease and infection, regulates body temperature and also aids in vitamin production. Our bodies will turn beta-carotene into Retinol only when it is needed. Find out the answers to these questions and much more.

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Is carbonated water good or bad for heartburn, dyspepsia, and bowel regularity? Free radicals have been blamed for a host of problems wrinkles, ageing, cancer, poor health, low immunity.. More info on Antioxidants coming soon. Drinking caffeinated drinks all day can deplete important nutrients such as magnesium , vitamins A , B1 thiamin , B2 riboflavin , B3 niacin , B5. For a healthy individual with no hair diseases, hair fiber is very strong with tensile strength around 1.

That is about as strong as copper wire of the same diameter. One strand of hair can support up to gms in weight. So a whole head of hair which has about , to , strands of hair could support up to 12 tonnes roughly the equivalent of 2 African elephants!!

It also has elastic properties. To maintain good hair health, take sufficient biotin a B vitamin, a. Another common fruit - the Kiwi fruit , also has meat tenderizing propeties. Vitamin D , is also known as "The Sunshine Vitamin". However, it is the most toxic in high doses. So when shopping for vitamin A supplements, always look for beta-carotene pro-vitamin A.

According to the U. Department of Agriculture, Americans eat between 24 pounds of tomatoes per person, per year. More than half of those munchies are ketchup and tomato sauce. While tomatoes are perfectly safe and healthy to eat, their leaves are actually toxic! How will you take your tomatoes? As of , Americans spend more on salsa than tomato ketchup.

Americans consume three-fourths of their tomatoes in processed form. Fun tomato facts about growers The average Joe. Florida is the number one producer of fresh market tomatoes except in Tomatoes are thought to originate in Peru.

Department of Agriculture says there are 25, tomato varieties. Other sources cap the number of types of tomatoes at 10, Tomato is a cousin of the eggplant, red pepper, ground cherry, potato, and the highly toxic belladonna a herbaceous perennial, also known as the nightshade or solanaccae , that has historically been used as both a medicine and poison.

The heaviest tomato on record weighed in at 3.

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