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NES Health has been effective in supporting people with many health concerns including: I'm happy about between yourselves! Register above for our demo and see the award-winning documentary, The Living Matrix , free! Infoceuticals help to restore the body's balance and stimulates specific healing responses. When health becomes compromised including physical, emotional, and psychological health , one of the basic common characteristics in all cases is that energy usage becomes less efficient within the body, i. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

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MiHealth is about the size of a TV remote. Using this handheld device regularly, doctors can clear energy pathways in the body and allow information to flow throughout the body wherever it needs to go. Now, Total Wellness System wants to introduce you to something called infoceuticals. This is essentially just a series of nutritional supplements that contain different proprietary formulas.

But what are the concrete benefits you can actually gain through the Total Wellness System? Here are some of the claimed health benefits on the official NES Health website:. NES Health frequently mentions that their equipment is based on 30 years of scientific research and 10 years of testing in humans. However, the NES Health and Total Wellness System websites are oddly devoid of any type of evidence proving that the system works as advertised.

In many organisms, PEMF has demonstrated an analgesic effect, which means it reduces pain. Researchers tested PEMF in a major study published in That study used a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled structure to determine whether or not PEMF really did have analgesic properties. Researchers gave participants in this study either PEMF treatment or a sham treatment. Yet if you were to ask how that energy gets formed into all the different kinds of matter in the universe, you would note that matter is, in essence, organized energy.

Information is the organizing principle. Hence when looking at biology and medicine, we cannot just look at the biochemical nature of the body. We must also look at the energy and information of the body. Because, at this level of biophysics, the source of health in the body as well as its deterioration is clearly evident: When either the information or energy within the body becomes distorted, health deteriorates.

One way to consider this is to look at the body's natural efficiency. Nature has developed very efficient techniques that allow the body to perform its numerous life processes with very little energy consumption. When health becomes compromised including physical, emotional, and psychological health , one of the basic common characteristics in all cases is that energy usage becomes less efficient within the body, i.

Therefore, a primary measurement NES Health uses for wellbeing is how efficiently each system and sub-system of the body is using energy. Because NES Health has been able to directly measure optimal energy efficiency in each part of the body, the technology can easily detect areas of concern. In these ways the human body-field can be likened to the body's master operating system-the software that runs our hardware.

Together, NES ProVision and Infoceuticals are designed to read, interact with and correct the information and energy in the body so that it can return to optimal health.

She was experiencing pain, restricted movement in the wrist and loss of sensation in the thumb. This is how we met Becky and we can't resist an opportunity to help someone. We love creating positive experiences! Using the miHealth, we applied 2 minutes on the body with Bio Cell, 2 minutes application with Nerve, then 2 minutes of Matrix Carrier. Becky experienced immediate freedom and improved range of motion. This video shows Becky 24 hours later As we do more videos in the coming months that demonstrate the actual experiences people are having with the Total Wellnes System, we'll be doing them unedited so that the authentic experience can play out in its entirety.

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